Wireless Routers Allow You To Enjoy Online Life Anytime, Anywhere

The transmitting power of the wireless router is the signal strength of the wireless router. The general wireless router transmit power is 100mw. The transmitter power of the wireless router with strong signal is 500mw. WiFi Router Below this JCG JHR-N825R's wireless transmission power to reach 500mw, is the signal super type.

Advantages of wireless Routers:

1. Intelligent Management

Wireless routers, so that users under the Wi-Fi security guarantee, anytime and anywhere to enjoy the speed of network life, never drop the line, intelligent management with the latest 3G and-technology, WiFi Router jgr-n605 is a full-featured network equipment, to enable users to enjoy the hassle-free network connection, whether in the outdoor meeting , exhibitions, venues, factories, homes, or routes. Through the USB2.0 interface, WiFi Router this hardware allows you to use a cable or wireless cable network for your desktop and laptop.

2. Online connection

Using a wireless router, you can connect a 3G/HSDPA USB modem to its built-in USB interface, which allows users to connect over 3.5G/HSDPA, 3.75g/hsupa, +, UMTS, Gdge, GPRS networks, or GSM networks. Download rate up to 4Mbps. JGR-N605 supports Ethernetwan interface, WiFi Router which can be used as adsl/cable modem. When wired network connection fails, through jgr-n605 built-in fault automatic conversion function, can quickly and smoothly connect to 3G wireless network, ensure maximum connection and minimum interference. When the wired network is restored, it is also able to reconnect automatically, reducing or minimizing the cost of the connection.

3. Multi-function

Wireless Router USB interface, it can be used as a multi-function server to help you build a network of their own, when going out, you can use the Office printer, WiFi Router through the webcam to monitor the house, with colleagues or friends to share files, and even download FTP or BT files.

4. Security

Through the $number. 11n Wireless access point, the route is three times times the speed of the $number 11b/g network device and supports a data rate of up to 300Mbps. So wireless access in the room and work everywhere.

5. Multi-Display Tools

The unique 3G Management Center is a multi-function display tool that visually displays the signal conditions that enable users to maximize their connections. You can monitor bandwidth with upload speed and download speed. WiFi Router The tool can calculate the total amount of data or the amount of hours used each month.

Consumers in the purchase of routers, but also pay attention to the heat-resistant performance of routers. At present, most of the wireless routers in the market are using ordinary capacitors, the long-term work of the wireless router high heat, the degree of heat dissipation affects the wireless network transmission rate and signal quality. January 2011, JCG jhr-n825r full solid state capacitor wireless router listed, WiFi Router announcing the era of all solid-state capacitance wireless router is coming. Solid-state capacitors use a polymer dielectric, solid particles in up to 100 degrees Celsius environment, can be normal and stable work. (whether the particle is rising or active is lower than liquid electrolyte, its boiling point is up to 350 degrees Celsius, so it is almost impossible to have the possibility of slurry.) JCG JHR-N825R Wireless Routers guarantee the stability of wireless networks.

Consumers in the purchase of wireless routers often pay attention only to the performance of the product itself, while ignoring the appearance and workmanship of the product. In fact, the work of the product is a company's attitude towards consumption of the most direct performance. WiFi Router If a product is very bad workmanship, the outer packaging is very casual, then note that this product performance will not be better. WiFi Router Domestic famous brand JCG, this brand on the application of product performance, product internal firmware, product packaging attitude is an excellence, so that each product is not just products, but also become consumers Fondle admiringly crafts, such enterprises to provide products, product quality is absolutely guaranteed to be questioned.

Wireless router or broadband router external mainly by the shell, status indicator, Power Interface and button, 1 RJ45 Ethernet transmission port, 4 Rj45lan port, reset key, antenna composition. Some devices also have USB interface, fast configuration button and so on. Understand the characteristics of these external interfaces and functions, to users play a wireless router mix meaning.

When used, the user can adjust the position of the wireless router and the angle of the antenna to get better wireless connection effect. In the wireless router placement position and the angle of the antenna adjustment, as far as possible to reduce the wireless router and client between the wireless distance, WiFi Router directional antenna to pay attention to the front of the antenna in the direction of the remote receiving point, the whole antenna in the placement or adjustment of the best can be in a direct view position. Can not be looked at, should be as far as possible to avoid walls (especially reinforced concrete walls of wireless signal obstruction, absorption capacity is strong), metal objects (such as chassis) and other large-scale block.

The adjustment options of the antenna in wireless router mainly include channel, transmitting power and so on. 2.4GHz ($number. 11b/g) Band has 1, 3 non-overlapping transmission channels such as 6, 11, or 13, while the frequency bands of 5GHz ($number. 11a) have 12 non-overlapping transmission channels, where you can prioritize the channel to be a non-overlapping transport channel to avoid wireless collisions. WiFi Router And in terms of transmitting power, some wireless routers have the option to adjust the wireless power, the default is about 25-70 Watts, its adjustable range in the 0~251, the reader can be adjusted according to needs (need to further distance, the transmission effect of the increase; If you feel the connection speed has been satisfied, you can adjust the small, To reduce wireless radiation).