Wireless Router Setup Program

Wireless router has become increasingly popular, most of the use of a laptop or only mobile phones, and hope to directly use WIFI connected to the Internet, convenient, provincial traffic. However, many have just come into contact with wireless router children's shoes, do not know how to use wireless router.

Although there are instructions, WiFi Router but some instructions are indeed brief, you need to study on a period of time to really understand how to use wireless router.

Here Xiaobian to share with you how to set up a wireless router.

1, wireless router wiring

First look at the various aspects of the wireless router bar, WiFi Router basically wireless routers are similar, Reset button position is not necessarily the same.

WAN port: Connect the light cat (LAN1 / Gigabit port) or the TV wall network port

LAN port: 1/2/3/4 any port to connect the computer, set-top box, TV

Reset button: Press and hold for more than 5 seconds to restore the factory settings

After connecting the wireless router, start the router.

2, wireless router parameter settings

With the network cable to connect the wireless router and computer, of course, can also use the wireless search connection, but the novice is recommended to use the network cable can be connected directly. After connecting, open the browser, the proposed use of IE, in the address bar, enter (depending on the router model, the background management address will be different, WiFi Router please see the bottom of the home router nameplate; some; TP Link router also You can enter tplogin.cn) into the wireless router settings interface.

According to the set wizard step by step set, select the Internet, usually choose the first PPPoE, if you are using other network service providers according to the actual situation, WiFi Router select the following two, if you do not know how to choose, then directly select the first Automatically choose to facilitate the novice operation, select the next click on the next step.

Enter the application from the network service provider to the account and password, enter the completion of the next step directly.

Then enter the wireless settings, set the SSID name, this one default to the router model, this is only in the search when the device name, you can change according to your own preferences, easy to use. The remaining settings can be based on the system default, no need to change, WiFi Router but in the network security settings must set a password to prevent the rub network. Set up to complete the next step.

At this point, the wireless router settings will be done. Reboot the router to connect to the wireless Internet. In general, as long as familiar with the above steps, WiFi Router has been able to understand how to use the wireless router. At this point, the wireless router settings have been completed, then the next thing to do is to open your wireless device, search WiFi signal can be connected directly to the wireless Internet.

3, mobile phone set up wireless router

Now on the market can buy back the new router, WiFi Router the settings have been simplified a lot, with the phone settings are also very simple, easy to complete the three steps set.

The first step: the phone connected to the router WiFi, the general will automatically enter the management page;

Step 2: Set the administrator password (unlike the old model as a default account password);

The third step: enter the carrier to provide broadband account password;