Wireless Router Is A Forwarder

Wireless router is a wireless coverage of the router, it is mainly used for users of internet and wireless coverage. Popular wireless routers in the market generally support dedicated line xdsl/cable, dynamic xDSL, PPTP four kinds of access, it also has other network management functions, such as DHCP service, NAT firewall, MAC address filtering and so on.

Wireless routers and ordinary routers are the same as the computer to provide network-shared devices, that is, we are a common network cable for multiple users to share the Internet, WiFi Router if there is no router is not able to achieve many people share the Internet. In addition to the wireless router with a common share of the Internet can also be used to achieve many people wireless Internet access. WiFi Router such as the current common 3G mobile phones, tablets, laptops are equipped with WiFi wireless reception network signal function, and wireless router can convert the network signal into a wireless signal sent out, for the above mobile devices to use.

The role of wireless routers is as follows:

1. Wireless router is a kind of router which is applied to users ' internet and has wireless coverage function, which can be regarded as a transponder, and the Wideband network signal is forwarded to the nearby wireless network equipment through the antenna.

2, the wireless router not only contains all the functions of the wired router, WiFi Router but also has the wireless function, may make the handset and so on mobile device also connect to the wireless network.

3, wireless routers not only have a simple wireless AP all functions, such as supporting the DHCP client, support VPN, firewall, support WEP encryption and so on, but also includes network address translation (NAT) features, can support LAN users network Connection Sharing.

4, the wireless router can connect with all the ADSL modem or cable modem directly connected, also can be used in the switch/hub, broadband router and other LAN mode of access. WiFi Router It has a simple virtual dial-up software, can store user name and password dial-up Internet access, can be achieved for dial-up access to the Internet ADSL, CM, etc. to provide automatic dialing capabilities, without manual dialing or occupy a computer for server use.

5, under the WiFi security guarantee, anytime and anywhere to enjoy the speed network life, never drop the line, intelligent management equipped with the latest 3G and-technology, to be free to enjoy the hassle-free network connection, whether in outdoor meetings, exhibitions, venues, factories, home.

For the purchase of wireless routers, it is recommended to consider the following aspects:

1 Convenience: Pay attention to the provision of Web interface management, in order to facilitate the normal configuration or maintenance of it;

2 LAN port number: That is, wired network sockets, meet the needs, WiFi Router the more the more the better;

3 WAN Port number: namely wireless network socket, general home network only one can;

4 Broadband Distribution mode: Exclusive broadband distribution is better, sharing broadband distribution will greatly affect the speed of the Internet;

5 function: In the economic aspect, without the need to purchase the use of the function of the router, WiFi Router this will certainly increase costs;

6 Brand Reliability: Some brands should be selected to ensure the economic applicability of products.