On-board DVR Can Record Audio And Video Synchronously

Car DVR is commonly known as MDVR or on-board video recorders. is based on digital video compression storage and 3G wireless transmission technology (Digital audio record), combined with GPS positioning monitoring, vehicle travel recorder, SD card high-capacity storage, multi-channel data interface, voice call function.

The car DVR is a niche market of traditional embedded DVR, which is a new special product developed with the application of digital video and audio coding technology in vehicle. Car DVR combined with digital video audio codec, Mobile DVR harsh environment large-capacity data hard disk storage, automotive electronics, Mobile DVR wireless video network transmission, GPS satellite positioning and other advanced technology to achieve the passenger transport industry, Mobile DVR special vehicle industry and other related areas of audio-visual monitoring.

On-board DVR video resolution with the increase of digital coding performance also from CIF (352x288) to 2CIF (704x288), Dcif (528x384), D1 (704x576).

In-car DVR is a common product, at the same time, this product also has 12 kinds of characteristics. Let's see.

1, the vehicle power supply guarantee in the wide-voltage dc8v-32v range of stable work, Mobile DVR with $literal output supply camera work;

2, the realization of image wireless remote transmission, intelligent remote control;

3, video playback of the highest definition can reach DVD quality, Mobile DVR to ensure full real-time, audio and video synchronization record;

4, the program segment lock function, guarantees the video not to be covered;

5, the bus voice function is optional;

6, can record speed, steering, braking and other information options, you can enter the record lane, license plate number;

7, according to the time, Video section number retrieval function;

8, CD content can be directly copied to the hard disk, hard disk content can also be directly, Mobile DVR copied to the CD-ROM, convenient and fast;

9, motherboard, veneer design, chassis shockproof treatment to ensure that the whole machine to protect the earthquake effect;

10, special active hard disk device, without any tools, you can easily extract, Mobile DVR install the hard disk. To eliminate the previous use of computer hard disk to appear in the Heat, hard disk box loose and the fault of the IDE line and power supply through the hard disk box to transfer;

11, support two hard drives, Mobile DVR hard drive capacity is unlimited;

12, small size, easy to carry, conducive to shock.