Mobile Telecommunication On The Wrist

In the beginning of the a Internet, America Online, Yahoo attracted huge flow through portal, it is the most effective ways of advertising.


Over the times, the impact for portal in recession, replaced by a strong search engine and social networking , allowing users like a duck in the network.


Now, changed from desktop computers to mobile phones, people’s access to information is changing.


Now turn on your smartphone, you can see all kinds of notice, warning, pictures and other information. The system designers, manufacturers and third-party developers, competed in total control of the main screen. Many Android device manufacturers want to use their own software and user interface to control the home screen. However, users will be arranged according to their own preferences, manufacturers have to improve their applications and services.


The watch will be the next battleground.

The next battleground may be the focus of smart watches. If the smart watch popular, the number of mobile phone users watch daily may be transferred to the watch screen, SMS notification messages can be sent directly on your watch. Because smart watch phone screen is much smaller .


Technology has changed the life, the focus is constantly changing. No matter where the focus is, as long as the control of the focus, you can dominate the situation affecting the user.


Since 2014, the smart phone has become the next focus.