DVR Video Recorder Anti - Vibration Performance

Car DVR video recorder is a traditional embedded hard disk video recorder market segment, it is with the digital video and audio coding technology in the application of the vehicle and developed a new dedicated products. Car DVR video recorder combines digital audio and video codec, harsh environment, large-capacity data hard disk storage, automotive electronics, Mobile DVR wireless video network, GPS satellite positioning and other advanced technologies to achieve the passenger industry, special vehicle industry and other related areas of video and audio monitoring The

Car DVR Recorder Optional Q & A

Car DVR video recorder that is a new product of the times, not really, but that the technical content, I am afraid that only real people have done car DVR video recorder can get, and now by our factory engineers to answer our questions.

(A) car DVR video recorder with ordinary hard disk video recorder What are the differences?

A: ordinary hard disk recorders use 220V alternating current, the stability of the voltage and current are relatively stable, Mobile DVR and then because the ordinary hard disk video recorder location environment is fixed, the relative vibration opportunity is almost no, so the ordinary hard disk video recorder seismic function can be ignored The But the car DVR recorder is different. First of all, the car's voltage and current can not be understood by conventional ideas, the car voltage is 12 / 24V, but in fact, 12V car is less than 12V regulator, 24V is the same, so the power board design Very important, the power board design to take into account many aspects.

(B) car DVR video recorder how to design power?

A: To ensure that the car DVR recorder work properly, first of all to ensure that the power board output power is stable.

In the fixed narrow voltage environment, because the input voltage and current is basically stable, and then from the electrical terms, the output power determines the input power, so the ordinary hard disk video recorder power supply only one adapter can be, an adapter is nothing more than a transformer plus A filter circuit, a little conscience plus a protection Mobile DVR circuit, no conscience protection circuit are not installed, cheap Well, so the average cost of hard disk recorders and maintenance costs are relatively low.

But for the car DVR recorder, the first thing to do is to narrow the dynamic voltage and current refinement. How to ensure that the car DVR recorder work properly, the stability of the voltage and current is very important, but on the other hand, the input power of the device is fixed, from W = U * I know, the voltage changes when the current is also changing, The Mobile DVR direction of current changes is always the opposite. So if the starting voltage to do the lower, then the relative start-up current will increase. The macro is so simple, but can be stable to do this function and to ensure the normal operation of the device, it may need a lot of effort, and bear the brunt of the protection of the circuit design, to know the car DVR recorder power board within 1 hour Withstand hundreds of times the impact of the protection circuit to do bad, ranging from damage to the power board, while the direct breakdown of the power board burn the motherboard.

(C) car DVR video recorder is how to design the earthquake?

A: DVR DVR camera design is very important, that white is actually how to protect the hard drive. Because the current hard drive are mechanical shaft hard drive, read and write head and disk distance only a few microns, if the naked eye, read and write head is posted on the disk, but even if you do not understand the hard disk you should understand, 5400 Turn the hard disk to turn at least 90 times per second, if the head is attached to the top of the above, it will not take long, read and write the head was not grinding. So close to the distance, if the earthquake is not good, as long as the reading and writing head so little bit of vibration, then the hard disk bad sectors, while the head and write head crash (hard disk terminology). So hardware shock is very important.

(D) car DVR DVR hard disk fault tolerance is how to design?

A: The fault tolerance of the hard disk is a hard drive since the IT hardware industry or the software industry has been trying to solve a problem. For an embedded system, want to do a very perfect fault-tolerant design, it is difficult! But for Mobile DVR the design of embedded systems intended: embedded system is designed to pursue better stability and speed of execution Design, but there is a problem that can not be ignored is poor portability, resulting in once the design can not have much change. So its first design idea is very important. Embedded system for hard disk fault tolerance correction, the current effective way is to read and write control.

Car DVR video recorder purchase points analysis

One, anti-vibration

Although the same as ordinary DVR embedded systems, but the car DVR technology is more complex than ordinary DVR, need to address the key is also different. Thus, the two are two completely different concepts. Car DVR used in mobile vehicles, due to traffic conditions, traffic conditions, vibration is relatively large, hard disk read and write data have a great impact Mobile DVR on the equipment damage is very large. Therefore, the seismic technology has become the most basic requirements for car DVR. At present, there are mainly on the whole shock absorber, hard disk shelves shock, hard disk shock and other measures.

Car DVR market is still relatively chaotic, the user's awareness is not deep, therefore, often found to ordinary DVR posing as a car DVR phenomenon. Therefore, the actual effect of the actual need to personally visit to know.

Second, the regulator power supply

The stability of the voltage is another important technology of the car DVR. As the process of driving, the vehicle will be Mobile DVR ignition, braking, step on the throttle and other actions, these actions will make the vehicle's output voltage fluctuations in different ranges, it is likely to cause car DVR burned. Therefore, the car DVR must have a wide voltage input capability to accommodate this voltage change. At present, usually use 6 ~ 36V wide voltage to meet the needs of mobile vehicles.

At the same time also note that if the vehicle suddenly bumps off the car, the car power off, this time the car DVR to achieve automatic protection of the power function to ensure that the hard disk data will not be lost.