Hongdian Corporation is a National High-Tech Enterprise, specializing in research, development, marketing and service of M2M & Internet of Things (IoT) products and solutions.

Early in May of 2002 Hongdian releases the first M2M products and solutions in domestic market based on mobile communication network, widely applied in power, oil, colliery, post, finance, environmental protection, water conservancy, transportation, railway, heating, road lamp monitoring, tax, security and other industries. After years of continuous efforts Hongdian has become the leader in M2M field.

Since August of 2009 and with IoT developing rapidly, Hongdian first introduced complete set of IoT products and typical solutions,accumulating abundant application experiences in this field. M2M is an important part of IoT and Hongdian actively develops IoT productions and solutions with the foundation of success in M2M market. Hongdian’s IoT series covers sensor, input terminal, network device and application platform. Moreover, based on complete set of IoT products and customer’s needs, Hongdian provides customer with customized IoT application solutions and services.

Focusing more on research and development of technology and products, Hongdian has set up a powerful and idealized R&D team and an IoT R&D center in Wuhan Optics Valley in 2009. Moreover, Hongdian concentrates not only on research of the latest technics in IoT field but also on long-term investment and continuous innovation. At the present Hongdian’s R & D staffs account for 50% of the whole staffs, owing the newest core technics and excellent talents.

After years of development and with sophisticated IPD process, reliable product design and complete human resource management system, Hongdian has passed CMMI-3 as well as ISO 9001:2008 and obtained many certificates in System Integration and Security industry.

Relying on the keen market development ability and advanced management system & process, Hongdian is growing speedily and sustainably: in March of 2010, Hongdian is labeled as one of the top 500 growing medium and small enterprise in Shenzhen; in 2011 Hongdian becomes the certified supplier of France Telecom, is honored as the one of the top 10 most influential brand of China in security and successes in launching IoT application solutions and complete set of devices as well as software system: covering water resource information release, video surveillance, smart power  network, smart transportation, etc.

Hongdian Headquarter is located in Shenzhen with 20 sales offices, two R & D centers in China and one sales office in Bangkok Thailand, providing customers with quick & professional technical support and service. Based on qualified products, specialized technical team and excellent after-sale service system, Hongdian products & services are exported to more than 80 countries as well as regions and are highly recognized by customers. 

Developing markets by cooperation and enlightening future by innovation. With philosophy of cooperation, innovation, specialization and honesty as well as based on the successful experiences in M2M field, Hongdian actively expands products application in M2M field, Household and Medical industry. With all the things in hand, Hongdian will become a pioneer in M2M field.